Ruby Jean: Gone But Not Forgotten

I received a surprising yet troubling message Monday night that Ruby Jean Wiggins, my first grade teacher passed away. Deaths always take me to my own mother's demise and the rush of emotions I still remember vividly. This event simply signified another torn page, dog-eared in my book of childhood memories. I remember her as Ruby …

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Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Prophetic Dreams Last week, I wrote about dreams and how troublesome they can be. In 1985, my mother had a dream which she shared openly for the next several days that I'll never, ever forget. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel bad inside because I was too young to understand what was happening and …

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What’s Wrong With Women? Mailbag Vol. 1

Welcome to this week's Mailbag! One reader wants to know, Whats wrong with women today? Lots of times, people don't feel comfortable posing questions publicly, neither in the blog comments nor on Facebook. They will however hit me in the inbox from time to time. The Problem With Women and the Point of Getting Married The following …

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nightmares divorce

Nightmares After Divorce

Divorce Can Be a Real Nightmare I never truly realized how much healing I still have to do from my eleven years of matrimony. Unsettling nightmares after divorce, are tell-tale signs that there's still much work to do. Usually, it becomes apparent to me when I interact with friends dealing with the same issues. Other times, something …

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God Puts Certain People in Your Life For a Reason

I made a Facebook post Saturday, stating that I was weary from the recent changes in my life. Instead of withdrawing from all social interaction, I added that I had decided to surround myself with positive people: my family and friends. Friends Till the End I've learned that the enemy wants me to stay inside …

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Black Lives Matter, Right?

Do Black Lives Matter in America, Really? If black lives matter, why did policemen kill Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile at point-blank range this week? If black lives matter, why were both men said to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is that justification? If black lives matter, why didn't either cop think to …

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My Nephews Are Not Safe

Here is yet another profound statement from southernmomjd. I was gonna write about this… But she dropped the mic… and it broke. Enjoy!



Today, I am so thankful that I am not raising sons.  My heart goes out to all of those mother’s that are raising Black boys.  It has become all too common for us to hear about another senseless murder of a Black man at the hand of those given the responsibility of PROTECTING and SERVING.

While I breathe a sigh of relief about not having boys,  my brain immediately zooms in on my nephews.  One a rising sophomore in college, and the other an outspoken three year old.   As an auntie that strongly believes in social justice and civil rights, how do I teach my nephews to “speak up and speak out” while ensuring they will not be gunned down simply because they had the audacity to have a voice.  The answer I immediately come up with, NOTHING!  So then I think, what can I teach my nephews, that will…

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personal learning i.q.

10 Ways To Boost Your Personal Learning I.Q.

How I Facilitate My Personal Learning Personal Learning never stops. You do not have to be enrolled in the local university, or some online class to ensure that you are still learning. It's just plain healthy to exercise your digital I.Q. I am connected to my digital world enough (but not too much) that I learn something …

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Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Take Control of Your Personal Growth A personal learning network (PLN) consists of the people someone interacts with and learns from. Where those encounters take place is called a personal learning environment (PLE). My PLN consists of the people I see face-to-face, all of my "tweeps" on Twitter, the creators of the video channels I follow …

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Mindfulness: Meditating Changed My Life

What is Mindfulness? Meditating was one of many topics tossed around with a lifelong friend a few months back. We went on and on about mindfulness and soon, she put me on to the ever-growing art of mindfulness. At first, it all sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. As the conversation progressed, I struggled …

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