A List of Reminders for Judgemental People: Part I

Why Be Judgemental? As I proofread this post I realized that I am, in fact, passing judgement on judgemental people. Hypocrisy highlighted and duly noted, I'd like to share a few thoughts based on a conversation I had with a friend the other day. We basically agreed that judgment is uncomfortable, and it has a … Continue reading A List of Reminders for Judgemental People: Part I


Black Lives Matter, Right?

Do Black Lives Matter in America, Really? If black lives matter, why did policemen kill Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile at point-blank range this week? If black lives matter, why were both men said to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is that justification? If black lives matter, why didn't either cop think to … Continue reading Black Lives Matter, Right?

Get Out of Your Own Way: Closing the Diversity Gap in EdTech

I just sat down at the Blogger's cafe´at ISTE 2016 amongst some common Twitter acquaintances known as the #Educolor movement. Their mission is to close the diversity gap in Educational Technology by raising awareness across the country. — Joan McCullough (@Jovan367) June 28, 2016 It's funny. I've been thinking about the diversity gap since I've been in Denver … Continue reading Get Out of Your Own Way: Closing the Diversity Gap in EdTech

Envy: The Emotion Kept Secret | Psychology Today

This was a great piece on Envy! The bottom line is, you cannot disguise it as something else. When you set up roadblocks for others, the truth is highly visible. Envy has to do with feeling unhappy about the success of someone else, or about what they have and, at the same time, secretly feeling … Continue reading Envy: The Emotion Kept Secret | Psychology Today

Anger Management for Dummies

Don't Make Me Angry: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry... Have you ever seen my Incredible Hulk impression? Some people have and they think it's a hoot! No, I don't really turn green, or burst out of my clothes. There's just this thing I do while adjusting the cervical vertebrae in my neck. I … Continue reading Anger Management for Dummies

Atlanta Traffic in Paralysis

The Gist The mayor of the city of Atlanta was fighting for his life this morning, after the city became paralyzed following the massive snow and ice storm, "Leon." Hundreds of people spent the night stranded on freeways, at work, and in Home Depots (and who knows where else). A woman reportedly gave birth in … Continue reading Atlanta Traffic in Paralysis

Album Review: Beyoncé

Beyoncé dropped her 5th album over night last Friday, unbeknownst to anyone. She skipped the months of campaigning and marketing that usually precludes an official release date. In fact, the self-titled album shattered sales records on iTunes topping the 800,000 mark by Monday morning. The fact is, singles were not for individual sale. For any of … Continue reading Album Review: Beyoncé

Under Taylor’s Leadership, The NCCU Lady Eagles Must “Trust The Process.”

Vanessa Taylor came on board at North Carolina Central University in 2012, and has already steered the women's basketball team in the right direction. She inherited a squad that had gone 3-27 prior to her arrival, and finished with a menial 2-27 record last season. Within those two campaigns, The Lady Eagles suffered 29 straight … Continue reading Under Taylor’s Leadership, The NCCU Lady Eagles Must “Trust The Process.”

Yes, Jordan Really Is Better than James and Bryant

My name is Joan and I am a BIGAMIST. A professional athlete and a pop icon fought for the sole rights to my livelihood, totally unbeknownst to them! Married to inspiration from the two, I've been forever branded as a two-timer, but I only cheat with men named Michael. What does it mean to be … Continue reading Yes, Jordan Really Is Better than James and Bryant

The Wal-Mart Black Friday Conspiracy

For the longest time, Thanksgiving was my favorite religious holiday. There was no Santa or Easter Bunny, prompting me to spend money, overriding the true sense of the occasion. Well, America finally found a way to commercialize the last day standing...in the worst way. When Black Friday was born, I thought it was a neat … Continue reading The Wal-Mart Black Friday Conspiracy