Fatherless Daughters: What Men Look for in Women

Fatherless daughters fight an uphill battle for position among women who have loving histories with their fathers. Those fortunate women are seemingly more able to submit in relationships. They know exactly what types of relationships are healthy and what types are not. In fact, they are less likely to settle into relationships that do not mirror the love and caring shown to them by their own fathers during early childhood.


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Did I just hear what I think I heard? That couldn’t be!  As I sat there with my eyes glued on the clerk I tried to maintain my composure.   I simply could not bring myself…

Burying Your Parents? Goodbye Normalcy

We are getting older now, and my friends have begun to bury their parents. Without making the grave mistake of telling them “I know how you feel,” I try to offer support in every way I can. There’s very little I can do really, and I know it. No magic words or no gift of any sort can even begin to scratch the surface. It’s like I’m the woman in the long black trench coat standing in the far corner of the graveyard during a burial, looking on as the survivors slowly crossover into “my world”.

The Separation

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I sat patiently, in my hospital gown, on the examining table waiting.   It had been a few  years since I had been inside this office, or seen her. Moving to Roanoke Rapids meant I had to…

The Cost of Tenacity

In a passing thought, I know the answers to all those questions: Somewhere and somehow, I believe that failure is not an option for me. If I fail, I become the statistic that all little girls without fathers and who’ve lost parents at an early age become. The question is, at what point do I free myself from those constraints? Would my mother really want me to still be trying to beat the odds 30 years after she departed? I think not. However the compulsion to survive is overwhelming.