Get Out of Your Own Way: Closing the Diversity Gap in EdTech

I just sat down at the Blogger's cafe´at ISTE 2016 amongst some common Twitter acquaintances known as the #Educolor movement. Their mission is to close the diversity gap in Educational Technology by raising awareness across the country. — Joan McCullough (@Jovan367) June 28, 2016 It's funny. I've been thinking about the diversity gap since I've been in Denver …

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10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

We all look back at our younger selves and sometimes cringe at some of the choices we've made. If I could write myself a letter and mail it back in time I would. There would be 10 things I'd love to say to myself:

Burying Your Parents? Goodbye Normalcy

We are getting older now, and my friends have begun to bury their parents. Without making the grave mistake of telling them "I know how you feel," I try to offer support in every way I can. There's very little I can do really, and I know it. No magic words or no gift of any sort can even begin to scratch the surface. It's like I'm the woman in the long black trench coat standing in the far corner of the graveyard during a burial, looking on as the survivors slowly crossover into "my world".

The Separation



I sat patiently, in my hospital gown, on the examining table waiting.   It had been a few  years since I had been inside this office, or seen her. Moving to Roanoke Rapids meant I had to leave the comfort of her smile and gentle way.   So, I sat there excited about reconnecting with my Ob Gyn.

When she walked in I was surprised to see how slender and young she looked.  Wow! She looked completely different, I thought to myself.  She had to have lost at least 100 lbs. and she looked great.   Chilling in her t-shirt and scrub bottoms, she smiled and we began chatting.    As we chatted, and caught up, she pulled me out of my own inner thoughts when she asked, “How’s your husband doing?”   Of course she would ask. I don’t know why I wasn’t prepared.  After all, she patiently coached him in the delivery room…

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I’m So Blocked, I Can’t Even Title This Post

And....We're BACK! Being blocked is like wanting to speak but you cannot - like psychogenic stuttering! In the past six months, I've had writer's block, photographer's block, and televised basketball watcher's block. I can't even bear to watch The Young and The Restless right now. I'm just plain BLOCKED! I could go on. I'm a jack of all …

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The Cost of Tenacity

In a passing thought, I know the answers to all those questions: Somewhere and somehow, I believe that failure is not an option for me. If I fail, I become the statistic that all little girls without fathers and who've lost parents at an early age become. The question is, at what point do I free myself from those constraints? Would my mother really want me to still be trying to beat the odds 30 years after she departed? I think not. However the compulsion to survive is overwhelming.

What Poise Looks Like

I want to be the President of the United States! Well, not exactly, but I want to be like our current president, Barack Obama: Calm under pressure. Smooth in transition. Poised for whatever comes my way.  "How is it that you can always stay so calm?" A colleague asked me this directly after learning that I would …

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Envy: The Emotion Kept Secret | Psychology Today

This was a great piece on Envy! The bottom line is, you cannot disguise it as something else. When you set up roadblocks for others, the truth is highly visible. Envy has to do with feeling unhappy about the success of someone else, or about what they have and, at the same time, secretly feeling …

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Fundamentals of Bliss: 5 Amazing Ways to Love Yourself

Let me be frank. You must forgive the mother who neglected you, The father who abandoned you, the family friend who molested you, the lover who abused you in any way possible, and the friend who betrayed you, and you've got to do it now! You have to do it because the longer you hold them responsible for your current situation, the longer you put your life on hold. You are living in a personal prison, and it's time to be freed.