Motown 25 Reaction: Michael Jackson and The Jacksons

My history of loving Michael Jackson and his music spans for more than 40 years. Around YouTube, I’ve seen creators posting MJ reaction videos who weren’t even born prior to the Dangerous album! I gave it a try and reacted to Motown 25 – the performance that solidified my allegiance to who I thought was the greatest entertainer to ever walked the planet. I was merely 8 years old, but highly impressionable. Making this video temporarily put me right back into my childhood home, in front of the television in May, 1983.


The Jezebel Spirit in the Workplace

Do you suspect that there is spiritual warfare at work? Is everything going haywire for no apparent reason? Look no further than the Jezebel Spirit. If you are a spiritual person, the breeding ground may be the energies your co-workers are emitting. So, be sure to put on the armour of God everyday before you enter those doors.

Narcissists: 3 Reasons They’re Attracted to You

The terms narcissist or narcissism are not very common in these parts. We refer to such people as “arrogant”, “stuck on themselves”, “conceited”, or “all about self.” It’s much deeper than that. There is a name for controling, manipulative, and down right crazy-making people: Narcissistic Personality Disorder!