How I Beat Depression

Depression affects nearly 15.7 million adults in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. On Episode 10 of the Sistanomics Podcast, we discussed mental illness among African-Americans. We posed the question, “Why don’t we go get help as frequently as people of other races do?” I suppose there are lots of answers to that question.

We’re Moving!

Well readers, it’s time for Social Juggernaut to move to a self-hosted site! In the essence of growth and development, I’ve decided that it’s time to become a serious blogger. I have already migrated your subscriptions (email subscribers) to The Social Juggernaut. Social media followers will continue to see new posts as always. Soon, I will redirect all traffic from this blog to the new one. Meanwhile you are more than welcome to go ahead and look around!

What Men Look for in Women: The Plight of Fatherless Daughters

Fatherless daughters fight an uphill battle for position among women who have loving histories with their fathers. Those fortunate women are seemingly more able to submit in relationships. They know exactly what types of relationships are healthy and what types are not. In fact, they are less likely to settle into relationships that do not mirror the love and caring shown to them by their own fathers during early childhood.

Burying Your Parents? Kiss Normalcy Goodbye

We are getting older now, and my friends have begun to bury their parents. Without making the grave mistake of telling them “I know how you feel,” I try to offer support in every way I can. There’s very little I can do really, and I know it. No magic words or no gift of any sort can even begin to scratch the surface. It’s like I’m the woman in the long black trench coat standing in the far corner of the graveyard during a burial, looking on as the survivors slowly crossover into “my world”.