The Jezebel Spirit in the Workplace

Do you suspect that there is spiritual warfare at work? Is everything going haywire for no apparent reason? Look no further than the Jezebel Spirit. If you are a spiritual person, the breeding ground may be the energies your co-workers are emitting. So, be sure to put on the armour of God everyday before you enter those doors.

Let me preface this post by saying that it is irresponsible to identify any one individual as a Jezebel, and whatever you do, don’t call someone on it. They will automatically think you’re labeling them to be a whore or a harlot. It is equally irresponsible to assign a gender to this entity. Understand that what may be at play is the spirit of Jezebel. I hear about this type of thing all of the time, and I just want to touch on it a bit.

The Jezebel spirit is a controlling one, that looks for an unsuspecting Ahab to help carry out an agenda. These are the yes-men or women who never challenge or question the direction in which the company or organization is headed. They are people who simply do what they are told because the boss said so.

Ahabs are usually approval-seeking individuals who will do anything to advance or to simply feel appreciated. Praise motivates them. They are willing to sacrifice their core beliefs and ethical practices to have those needs met. They will disown their friendships and loyalties if that’s what it takes. The Jezebel spirit knows exactly who these people are and it utilizes the very vulnerabilities they possess to achieve their ultimate goals.

Let’s not leave out the part of the Jezebel spirit that is desperate for attention itself. Have you ever become friends with a male at work, then suddenly a particular woman at the job took notice? I bet the next few days or weeks went by with her swooning over him as if to mark her territory. You may have never even seen the two of them talking before, but suddenly she’s competing with you for what she thinks is control. If this woman discovers that there is any bit of so much as a friendship between the two of you, it’s GAME ON.

Bye, Felicia…

You can read all about the biblical Queen Jezebel and King Ahab in I Kings (KJV). I wont give you the history in this post, but you can read it here.

I am the anti-Jezebel. Recently, I have come to realize that there’s a price to pay for being a strong-minded, independent black woman.

We all have a point to prove – we can, and will beat the odds. Unfortunately, we were predestined to fail because of our race and gender, but the only way to win is to fight for ourselves and voice our opinions at any cost. 

The reality is that we may never prosper without that mentality, yet we still seem to fall behind the white male, white female, and the black male. Strength on the job becomes a political weakness, and it makes me wonder if the life as a housewife – barefoot and pregnant would have been the safest route to take. Meh…I not that person.

Moms ArticleMy mother, Beulah Sharpe, fought the good fight. She lobbied for the union at the Talon Zipper Factory in the early 80s. When YKK bought Talon and shut the plant down, she worked to create the United Zipper Company, a worker-owned zipper factory after more than 100 plant workers lost their jobs. She tried to buy the equipment, which Talon chose instead, to sell for scrap. Then, my mother and a few others applied for a loan to supplement the $250,000 that the town of Murfreesboro put up for the new factory, only to be turned down. She kept going until she found a way to help people in a meaningful way – women in the non-profit sector.

I am my mother’s child, but I only wish I was half the woman she was. I believe in humanity, I love children, and I love helping people. I used to be a prime target for Jezebel. I needed praise, acceptance and approval for validation. I was once willing to be a tool for someone else’s advancement if it meant I got their stamp of approval. Now, I am a tool for the Kingdom. The only agenda I stand for is what’s right for the people and for the love of God. For that reason, I sleep well at night.

One more bit of advice: the best thing I could have done for myself was to pray for the spirit of discernment. It hits me now like the flu! However, I have learned to interpret the signs as the voice of God, warning me and guiding me. The very people who are sharing the word of the day with you, devotionals, and referencing GAWD all of the time, can sometimes be the very people who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Arm yourself, and love yourself.



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6 replies

  1. This is awesome and appropriate for how I feel at work. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great article but stop blaming your race and gender as a reasoning for not getting ahead. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world.


    • Thank you Chris, however by general standards, I AM ahead. This piece is about people with controlling spirits. I did not give Jezebel or Ahab genders nor races. If people don’t get ahead, the susceptibility to spiritual warfare may be the cause-not race or gender. 🙂 “I would be irresponsible to assign a gender to the Jezebel spirit…”


  3. Very well written article, thank you!


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