From Victim to Villain -Part 1


Married to a controlling, abusive, man, she spent many days trying to hide the abuse she suffered at his hands.  In an effort to drown her dismay, she drank. Excessive drinking had led to her current situation.  Here she was, in front of a Judge, begging for mercy and understanding. As she stood there hoping the Judge would understand, she could not remember the events that led to this moment.  Nevertheless, the reality was, everything pointed to her vehicle accidentally hitting the young girl as she was walking down the street.  Fortunately, the young girl, although seriously injured, survived.

FullSizeRender(6) Centers for Disease Control

As a single mother, a trial would be too risky.  And, if she did in fact commit this act, a plea was the best resolution to the case. So, we stood there, entered a plea of guilty, and waited.  Waited for an opportunity to give this Judge…

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