A New Love…

I have a new-found respect for track and field.  I inherited a team this year and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  The children really work hard to perfect their respective crafts.  I’m also a photographer and I’ve shot several track events over the years.  I guess I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the sport until now.  Some may know that I grew up playing basketball and softball, so this has definitely been an adventure.  The student-athletes at Bertie High School are great to work with.  They generally have positive attitudes and take themselves seriously when it comes to competition. If you’re a football or basketball buff, try a track meet for a change.  I’m sure you will love what you find! 



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  1. As a former track star, LOL, I know what these athletes face. It is not easy but can be done, with tenacity, dedication, and determination. Go Bertie!!!


  2. Stephanie, it truly is an honor to coach and teach these young people.



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